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Gabriella Lombardi

salon owner | facial & body contour specalist

here is a little about me and my journey so far.

I started my level 2 beauty course as soon as I left school at 16 and went on to complete my level 3 beauty therapy & level 3 media makeup. in my second year at college doing my level 3 course, I decided I was going to start offering a mobile service to clients on my days off and after college hours. I went on to do this for another year until I had saved enough money to have a log cabin built in my mums back garden. this is where I worked from up until I got my salon at the age of 22 in march 2020, a week before the pandemic (awful timing, I know).

I am qualified in most beauty treatments however my main passion is facials! it was my favourite treatment at college, however I disregarded them when I started out on my own because I didn't think people would want them (do not ask me why, I kick myself for it everyday)!

3 years ago, I travelled to Liverpool to train in dermaplaning as it was such a new treatment, but I just knew I would love it & of course I did! then a year later travelled to Manchester to train with bbl, where I learnt body contouring! however even though these two treatments were my passion, I didn't push them enough due to being "too busy" with other demanding treatment.

in the first lockdown I really had time to sit down and think about where I wanted to be and what I needed to do to get there. I decided to take the leap and put all my effort and time into facials and create some amazing treatments that I knew clients would love! This was honestly the best decision I made for me and my business, I get up and go to work everyday, enjoying every single minute!

I have so many more ideas bouncing around in my head and I cannot wait to share them with you all! keep your eyes peeled for what's coming for g.a.b!

Flawless Aesthetics

Anti-Ageing Treatments and dermal fillers

Michelle and Lauren both are nurses working within the nhs. these two amazing Registered nurses (NMC) offer clinics at g.a.b twice a month.

we will post dates in our new blog and also both our social media platforms.

To contact Michelle and Lauren please click the link below and they will be able to book you in or answer any questions you may have!

Aesthetics By Ria

No-Needle Lip Filler Specalist

Ria also works within the NHS and will be offering monthly clinics at the salon, performing no-needle lip fillers! Ria has a stunning portfolio of her work as she has built an amazing clientele that she has built up. Ria's service's are unique and offer clients the alternative to needles, which offers the individuals who dislike needles an alternative filler treatment. Clients still achieve amazing results with less down time and without the needles. 

To find out more about this amazing alternative treatment or to book your appointments in, click the link below to contact Ria.

Beauty By Bianca

The nail queen!

Bianca offers a variety of treatments within the beauty sector, including brow and lash treatments. However, she mainly specialises in nail treatments! Bianca has a very artistic background which shows through her stunning nail art!

To book in your treatments and to get some of the most beautiful nail designs, click the link below to contact Bianca now!

Lauren Elisha Beauty

Level 3 Beauty Therapist

Lauren works full time from the salon. She is a level 3 qualified beauty therapist and offers a wide variety of treatments. Her experience and knowledge shows through in her amazing work as she continues to grow her clientele. Lauren was originally employed within the beauty industry and has recently decided to start her own self employed career and is already smashing the industry!


To book your treatment with Lauren, please click the link below!

Lashes by Annie Rose

Our Amazing Lash Tech

Annie is very new to the industry, however by looking at her beautiful work you honestly wouldn't know! Annie is a natural when it comes to lashes and she is extremely passionate about her work. She also offers other services, such as lash lifts and brow treatments!

To book an appointment with Annie, please click the link below! Annie works from the salon Wednesday-Friday.

Beauty By Chantell

Brow Technician

Chantell is also very new to the industry but again is already a natural when it comes to brows! Chantell offers several brow treatments and will also be expanding on her services in the very near future. 

To book with Chantell, please click the link below. Chantell will be at the salon every Wednesday!

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