advanced Facial treatments

please do not worry if you are unsure of what treatment is best suited for you, a full consultation will be carried out on the day to ensure you receive the best experience out of your treatment with us.

we want to ensure you walk away with your skin feeling its absolute best!

The Full works facial

our most popular, highly demanded facial! 

The full works is the ultimate facial, bespoke to each individual client to ensure you get the best out of your experience. your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, steamed & vacuumed to begin. Blackhead extractions, Instant peel and a skin booster is added to the facial. you will also experience the benefits of both dermaplaning and high frequency to give you that 'full works' feel. completed with a tailored jelly, peel of mask to suit the individual clients skin type while a shoulder, neck & head massage is carried out, finished with the popular ice globes.

please understand that this facial will not be suitable for everyones skin and therefore I have adapted the treatment to make the two facials below! this will allow you to feel the same benefits of the full works without actually causing more damage to your skin than good, 

deep cleanse purification 

the ultimate thorough cleanse

In the deep cleanse purification facial, we focus more on deep cleansing, steaming and vacuuming the skin for more acne prone, congested skin types. spending more time extracting blackheads and using our high frequency machine to give a germicidal and antibacterial effect.

the facial is designed for those who want to receive the same benefits as the full works facial but understanding that certain elements such as dermaplaning is not suitable for their skin type. (you can find this information on our 'dermaplaning' information page).

The ultimate glow

our best exfoliating treatment, let's Glow! 

in the ultimate glow we eliminate high frequency to make this facial more suited to those with a dryer skin type. we focus more on deep exfoliating with dermaplaning, the instant peel and the skin booster. we will also use beneficial hydrating products to penetrate deeper into the skin after the exfoliation processes have been carried out. we will complete with Our famous pink jelly mask to maximise your glow and penetrate all that hydration and nutrients back into your skin. while the mask is working its magic, a shoulder, neck & head massage will be carried out and we will finish with the amazing ice globes!

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