body facials

   Back facial

a detoxifying facial for your back!

an intense deep cleanse for your back complimented with a relaxing back massage using a detoxifying oil which benefits congested skin.

the back tends to get neglected due to the fact that we can not see or reach our back properly! it is very common for people to get spots and blackheads on their backs and it is something we can help to eliminate!

we start with a deep cleanse and steam the back to help aid us with the blackhead extractions, this will also help to unclog the pores. we will also use a liquid exfoliator, detoxifying mask and the amazing high frequency treatment to help reduce spots and create an anti-bacterial and germicidal effect on the skin, to help reduce breakouts!

the booty facial

getting you beach ready!

a bespoke facial for the bum!

this treatment is perfect before a holiday to make you feel beach ready!


our standard booty facial includes a cleanse, steam, extractions(if needed), liquid exfoliator, pink jelly mask & cellulite gel.


we can add dermaplaning to the treatment to give a deeper exfoliation and a smoother, more glowy appearance.


high frequency can be used as well for more spot prone skin.


the amazing radio frequency can also be added if you would like to tone up your bum, rf is an element used in our popular body contouring treatment! 


a full consultation will be carried out on the day, to ensure we provide you with best service, suitable for you and your needs!

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