We offer a wide variety of Advanced Skin Treatments that help to Target Specific Skin Concerns! These Skin Treatments can be offered as Individual Services but are also incorporated within our Bespoke Facials.

Some Skin Concerns such as Acne, Pigmentation and Fine Lines & Wrinkles may require you to have a course of Advanced Skin Treatments such as Chemical Peels, Micro-Needling and Radio Frequency Etc.

We offer Free Consultations to those who would like to start a Course of Treatments and discuss a Skincare & Treatment Plan to start your G.A.B Journey and create your own Bespoke Package!

Professional Facial


Micro-needling is a safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatment for both face and body and even the hair, to treat various skin conditions and restore the health and youthful appearance of the skin, by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin!


How does micro-needling work?

The concept of skin needling is based on the skin's wound healing response to repair whenever it encounters physical damage such as cuts, burns and other abraisons.


The normal healing response begins the moment of tissue injury, blood components spill into the injury and triggers the platelets to release clotting and growth factors.


As a result, new collogen and elastin is formed which reduces appearnce of scars, wrinkle depth and other skin imperfections, leaving the skin smoother, clearer, firmer and youthful!



Who can have this treatment?

You CANNOT have this treatment if you have any of the following:

- Allergy to topical anaesthetics

- Anti-coagulant therapy: Increases potential for bleeding, coagulation status should be checked to confirm notmal clotting/bleeding profile

- Haemophiliacs

- History of keloid scaring

- Cancer treatment (6 months post treatment)

- Raised moles (Avoid area)

- Contagious warts

- Pregnant or breastfeeding

- Skin cancers - melanoma

- Skin infections, wounded, sunburned, excessively sensitive skin, inflammatory acne withing the application area.

- Uncontrolled diabetes

- Unrealistic expectations


Will I need to maintain?

We recommend to keep your skin looking at its best that you have a maintenance session either once every 4 weeks or a course of 3-6 treatments every 6-12 months.



- Ablative dermal procedures - wait until skin has healed

- Inflammation of acne, eczema, psoriasis

- Aspirin, dietry supplements, ginko biloba - increases potential for bleeding and petechiae

- Botox, dermal fillers - wait 2 weeks or until skin is fully healed

- Herpes simplex

- Retinoid - wait a week after prescription (ensure UV protection)

- Oral retinoids ( Such as roaccutane) - used within 6 months prior to treatment

- Inflammed rosacea, pustules or papules at time of treatment - fine to treat if completely resolved.

- Fitzpatrick skin types 4 and above - patch test recommended



What to expect after treatment? 

- Reactions from treatment include: skin redness and flushing, tightness, itching, tenderness, stinging, swelling and some pinpoint bleeding.

- Effects will usually typically resolve within hours and many people are able to return to normal activities the next day.

- Some people may react differently and may experience these reactions for longer. However, these reactions are temporary and typically resolve within 3-4 days as the skin returns to normal.



- Any redness should decrease over a 24 hour period

- Refrain from touching the skin with hands until the pores have had a chance to close.

- Do not pick or pull the skin

- Do not massage the face for 2 weeks

- Skin can be cleansed using a mild cleanser. It is recommended that the use of soaps, other than those recommended by your practitioner, on the skin area is restricted until the redness subsides and where possible lukewarm water and/or gentle skin cleansers are used for cleansing. Do not scrub. Pat to dry only with a clean towel.

- Use of intensive moisturiser is advised for at least a week as skin may feel drier or tighter after treatment - this is quite normal

- Avoid makeup products containing fragrance for 3-5 days after treatment as these may irritate the skin.

- Makeup can be applied once the skin has settled, but ensure all brushes and sponges have been cleaned.

- Refrain from extreme temperatures such as intensive sun light, suanas, sunbed, steam bath for a period of at least 2 weeks after treatment.

- Apply a sunscreen with an SPF30+ (Such as clinicare sun shield cream SPF30) on a daily basis and with regular applications for a period of at least 2 weeks.

- Avoid electrolysis, waxing, bleaching, depilatory creams, laser hair removal for at least 72 hours.

- Do not swim in chlorinated water for at least 2 weeks.